Knitting Journey.


I’m Gem – I’ve decided after some thought, of building a little documentary of my knitting journey – I can take you with me if you’re interested.  This’ll mainly consist of my current projects, What I’ve achieved ( with possible trial and errors ) and where it’s gone!

I’m excited to see my knitting knowledge grow and develop – Maybe one day I might make something of myself. But for now, it’s my hobby and keeps my arthritis at bay.

My first project was something I was really passionate about – Blanket Scarves.

A blanket scarf is something you can immerse yourself in – It’s something that keeps you that little bit extra warm and cozy. And what better way to fuel my oversized knitting obsession with this first make.

So, literally just knitting the same stitch – Using 12mm needles for an oversized snuggle scarf that’ll have mustard yellow tassels.

Wool used: 790 Slate Grey wool with 23 stitches cast on looking to be about 6ft long.



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