Something for the Man.

After spending all that time knitting my massive 6ft Blanket Scarf – I had comments given to me from my better half if there was anything for him in the pipelines.

I realised I promised him a garment a long time ago when I decided I wanted to start knitting. We were at his Grandmothers and I plucked up the courage to tell Muriel that I wanted to learn to knit and have a hobby – She gave me a mass supply of needles, wool, and books and since then I’ve been dabbing in and out.

In view of the success of my blanket scarf, I decided to try and knit Bradley a snood/cowl.

I used 9mm needles and cast on 16 stitches using King Cole ‘Super Chunky’ Black ( I got mine from a depot store, the closest I found was this ) – I wanted to make it a double over ( are they called that? )  so I measured Bradley’s head/neck and decided to make this 52 inches long. I don’t have 9mm circular needles so this one had to be sewn together at the end.

Luckily – Whilst looking for some 9mm circular needles I found a tapestry needle in my collection! I got my steel circular needles from here – I haven’t used them hardly yet, however I feel they’ll come in handy.


This little cowl I managed to knit up in one day!



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