Shake your Pom Poms.

Along with knitting, I’ve always wanted to make pompoms…

Like most people I used to make them with cardboard but I never really felt it worked very well – The cardboard would begin to deteriorate after time and typically I’d loose my cardboard pieces anyway!

I found a tutorial on YouTube showing these pom pom makers – My main interest was to have uniform pom poms in all sizes. And with this tool, you definitely get this!

I got mine from eBay but I’m sure you can get them anywhere at your local craft store – I only went for eBay as I get nectar points 🙂

When you receive them they’ll be in 4 different sizes – Mine came in sizes; 38mm – 48mm – 68mm & 88mm.

They’re great for left-over yarn, I tried mine out with a mixed blend I didn’t have enough to knit with.

Let me know if you use any and what yarn you’ve found best works with them – Or which yarn works best for pompoms in general!

Token Nym at the end.





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