Punch Bowl.

So… this is the part where you find out what I do for a job – As sometimes it can come in handy!

With requests making blanket scarfs, cowls and necklaces etc – I’m starting to think maybe I should brand these items and make them look really professional… Which got me thinking, maybe I could make leather labels for my creations and use my job to help aide me.

My job title is a 3D Design Engineer – I’ll take designers images / drawings and create a 3D model prototype. These can then either be 3D printed on a ZCORP or SLA machine – Or rendered in 3DS MAX to look like photographic quality images of the designers model.

I decided to dabble into Solidworks to create some punches / stamps to put into veg tan leather for my labels. I’ve ordered some leather straps in which I can then slightly wet and punch with my logos – I’ll probably hand sew them with waxed thread, or possibly machine stitch ( My place of work has an in-house workshop for shoe construction. )

I’m excited to try these out and see if I can make some nifty-looking labels – I’ll update you once I’ve tried them on some leather scraps.

In the mean time I have a mountain of wool to get through making my jumper from Wool and the Gang! Wish me luck!



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