Cushty Cowl.

Coming at you with the sunshine yellow!

Lets put a little colour into 2017 – Starting with my favourite of all, Mustard!

I found this wool via WoolWarehouse – It’s Malabrigo Rasta wool – In the shade Frank Ochre (035) – This wool is dyed with different pigments so no two skeins are the same! I love it so much, the difference with each strand is great and it’s so so soft! But so so expensive.

It arrives in hank form, so you’ll need to wind it into a ball ( which I find quite therapeutic until it tangles ) – Once in a ball I used my trusty yarn bowl to help me knit this oversized cowl with no tangles at all! – The beauty of this yarn is once tightened it becomes very thin, once left it expands slightly and becomes very chunky and easy to manipulate.

For this I cast 100 stitches with 12mm round needles and kept alternating knit and purl till it became 7” wide – I would have gone wider but the skeins are big enough plus I feel 7” in wide enough. I got the pattern and idea for this from Sheep and Stitch so credit goes to them.

Luckily I had enough left-over yarn to create a gorgeous pom pom for a hat I’m thinking of making once my jumper is finished… Yes… It’s still in the works!

Of corse I’m more than happy to make this for anyone who is interested – Please feel free to get in contact via the side-bar on my blog.



External Links ; WoolWarehouse / Sheep&Stitch /

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