Progress is Progress.

So, I thought I’d push myself in at the deep end and look into making a jumper – As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to tackle the WATG Good Housekeeping Wonderwool Sweater.

Armed with 6 balls (5 to complete the jumper and a little extra if needed) I started tackling the pattern provided – Lets say my first time of doing this and following a pattern more than 3 steps didn’t go to plan the first time I tried.

Never mind, progress is progress… No matter how small.

I tackled the pattern again yesterday, unraveling all my stitches and starting again – This was pretty painful as I’d got at least 15inches of stitches of the pattern.

3 Hours later I’d finished the back piece following the pattern – I think I may have made it slightly longer than needed but only one row of stitches so it shouldn’t be too noticeable. ( If anyone knows how to amend this when you’ve only just realised please do tell me! )

3 Hours later again tonight I’ve just cast off the front piece with the crew neckline – Now I know this pattern is mostly made up of  K 1R P 1R, slipping stitches, increasing & decreasing… I’d never imagined a neckline and shoulder pieces to be so confusing… I’ll definitely have to get used to that technique!

Not one for skipping arm day – Tomorrow hopefully I can get both arms done after work and sew the whole jumper together!

I’ve enjoyed this pattern so far and making another garment I can proudly say I made myself ( albeit the first one and probably not the best. )  I will happily lounge around in this comfy jumper and take advantage of its softness.

Excuse lounge bottoms but here’s my progress to date.

N.B. You’ll notice I’ve got a stitch marker on each piece, this is where I had to join the wool – I’ve bought myself a felting kit to seamlessly join the wool in future ( works best with this type of wool ) but for now I know where the joins are and will felt them together.


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