Name Sake.

So… Every up comes with a down… right?

I’m sat here in turmoil and disbelief in myself – I’ve spent my whole evening following the pattern and making notes to create the sleeves for the jumper tonight. I’ve literally only just finished one and once cast off and reflecting – Everything past the cuff was wrong.

I’m sure Elvis had his bad days too…

I think I may have followed a few steps wrong, and after downing a packet of peanut M&M’s to myself I’ve realised where I went wrong – But I could totally kick myself for being so stupid. Time to put on Fat Boy Slim – Praise You and try and forget my evening was a waste and learn from it.

Guess my blog isn’t called Unravel Knits for no reason! I realise now I should have sewn in a life line.

In case you don’t know, here is how to prepare a lifeline in knitting –

Step 1: Decide on a designated row to be a knitting lifeline row.

A good choice is an unpatterned “rest” row that is at the beginning or end of a pattern repeat.

Step 2: Insert the knitting lifeline.

After completing the designated row, insert a piece of contrasting thread through the stitches of that row.

Use any thread that is finer than the yarn you are using, yet has a fair amount of twist and body, e.g. crochet thread.

Be careful to not wrap the lifeline thread around the knitting needle, and do not insert the lifeline thread through any markers. The lifeline thread, when inserted properly, will travel from stitch to stitch just below the knitting needle.
Till tomorrow my fiendish, fluffy, complicated… Time-consuming bastard.

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