One Finger one Thumb.

One arm one leg! well… Not really a leg but two arms!

After many failed attempts my jumper is finally done, I can’t quite believe it. I’m sitting here at my kitchen table at nearly half 11 in the evening, taking in what I’ve progressed on and learned from making this jumper.

To be fair I apologise my posts have been lacking lately – We’ve recently had an offer accepted on a house, were currently now going through the buying process so much of my free time has been going towards house work for where we are currently and papers.

Many late nights, backaches and further pains from RSI. Knitting helped my arthritis, but maybe I overdid it a few times. Which is probably why I failed a couple of times too.

Mental Note: Don’t knit when you’re dog tired.

Needless to say, I’m so so glad I’ve managed to finish this pattern, and more importantly be able to say I’ve knit a jumper! I’ve tried it on and unbelievably it’s huge, they say they wanted a chunky knit on it so that it’s lightweight – Maybe when you have it on, but lifting it is a heavy load…

( If you’d like to see the pattern for yourself, please see the link in my previous blog post here )

I reckon it’ll make a great, ‘I feel crappy’ jumper or when I’m cold and just want to snuggle on the sofa instead of doing anything productive to get myself warm. Yeah, I think that’ll do.

So in view of it being so large, I looked it up online, and everyone else’s is that huge… It just doesn’t help that I’m quite a petite person in both ways. I’m proud of it no matter how Frankenstein-y and wrong it may be for my first ever attempt at a jumper.

I’ve been waiting a long time to be able to use this meme – Have a token happy face for persevering with the pattern and being proud of myself. I’ll get better pictures another time….

For now, goodnight!



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