After finishing my jumper – I felt I wanted to do something different, as I mentioned in an earlier post I’d made a gorgeously soft pompom from my snood yarn. I wanted it to go on something awesome.

I’d wanted to research patterns to knit your own bobble hat – Bobble already created – So I looked at Ravelry and YouTube. – I thought to myself afterward, I’ve just learned a lot from making my jumper, why don’t I make my own bloody hat pattern.

So this hat consists of 7 rows of twisted rib stitch – Which I may or may not have done right but I like the look of it anyway. and then the rest is stocking stitch to make it 28 rows in total. At the end, I left a long piece of yarn and threaded it with a tapestry needle to make a pull chord and pulled the hat together at the top – In turn, making the top piece all one and gathered.

Sewed in the sides to make it almost seamless and viola! A very simple hat made with leftover yarn from my jumper! – I now want to make a Pussy Hat – I know I’m late to the game but I can still show my support can’t I?

I quite liked making this hat so I’ll probably try some different & more complex patterns in future. I’d really like to start trying some cable knitting as it looks really fun.


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