Apologies I’ve been lacking on posts recently – I’ve been sorting out house stuff & I’ve had some family urgency come up. It doesn’t mean I’ve not been up to anything! Just been a bit slow on moving on with projects…

Plus I’ve been trying to get back into fitness…

I’ve just finished a wrap around snood with an ear warmer for my very good friend Cassie – She asked for Cygnet’s Seriously Chunky in 306 Plum.

I messed up on one bit of the snood – Unfortunately, I dropped a stitch and it’s not as seamless as I wanted, seriously gutted. I’ll need to look into how to pick up stitches better and also tidying up knitting with a crochet hook or tapestry needle.

I’ve been given some pointers on this, and I seriously need to look into it and apply them.

So I’ve also found out that one of Brad’s closest friends is having a baby boy and my very good friend at work (who is part of my stitch ‘n’ bitch crew)! – I’ve decided I’m going to try and knit them something for when he arrives 🙂

I’ve purchased the pattern and have also purchased the wool – Luckily it only requires two balls. I’ll post progress later on, for now… I need to try and find my 5mm needle.

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