Double Moss.

So, as I mentioned earlier – I’m attempting to knit a hooded baby blanket for my two friends at work who are expecting. One is in March the other in June – So luckily [I hope] I have plenty of time!

I found the pattern for this on Ravelry it’s by James C. Brett – However, you can see the whole range of patterns on the links listed below.

The pattern itself is pretty simple to understand for a novice like me – Learning double moss stitch for the first time and I’m getting the hang of it – Really like the look of double moss stitch, it’s a really unique style. I’m also enjoying working on smaller needles also, which I thought I’d never say – The smallest I’ve used currently was 10.

This pattern uses 5 & 6mm  needles – I’m using my Addi circular needles as it’s easier to see the whole piece without it being scrunched. I also prefer circular needles as it’s easier to transport my knitting without losing a stitch.

Yarn for this project is Flutterby Supersoft Chunky in shade B3 -Which is a pale pastel blue that you can see in the cover image. This yarn is pretty cheap for the amount you get – The pattern calls for 2 balls which I’ve ordered so hopefully, my tension from my square is enough that I manage it. But I always end up going one ball over.

This yarn is seriously so so soft and so nice to handle – My only gripe is that it twists quite a bit, even when I’ve got it in my yarn bowl.  When I’m tugging for a new yarn line to work through it twists quite significantly but that’s easy to get over.


External Links ; Pattern / Yarn / Ravelry


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