Ball Down.

Hey guys – So as you know at the moment I’m learning double moss stitch whilst following a pattern to make a baby blanket.

I’ve just cast off my first ball and joined the next so I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my pattern and progress. – I checked the pattern last night and I’m meant to be knitting a 66 x 66 cm (26 x 26 ”) square to then attach a hood and ears to.

Measuring my piece last night – I’m knitting a 90 x90 square it seems – I guess my tension is slightly looser than the pattern allows – However I have noticed in the pattern it says ‘cast on 73 stitches loosely and work in double moss stitch for 56cm’ – Now that to me means don’t cast on tight and keep it as that throughout the pattern ( I used the knit cast on method as opposed to the long tail cast on. )

Now obviously this is the first time I’ve followed this pattern and making this piece altogether – First times never turn out perfect so I guess I’ve got that down. – But my square was correct so I’m unsure as to where I’ve gone wrong – An oversized baby blanket isn’t too bad, though… It just means more snuggles!

If this turns out okay(ish) for a novice knitter- I will be making another one so maybe I’ll make my tension a little tighter on that one – I’m bloody glad I’m using my Addi needles though, 73 stitches on a circular needle – My Addi’s are 100cm long so I have plenty of space.

External Links ; Notebook / Yarn (Shade B3) / Ravelry


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