Big Bear.

It’s finished! I’m sorry I haven’t kept you guys up to date recently – I’ve been ill recently and also we’ve had too many things going on… So busy I hadn’t had time to knit!

But I found a free Sunday evening and a Monday to finish off what needed to be done – I realise upon completion that this is totally the wrong pattern and I need to read it over again – I’m only good as I make myself to be, if I don’t understand I’ll try and wing it.

Luckily I think I’ll have a chance to make this again as there’s another expecting friend who could do with a blanket…

For now, this will do and I can safely say that Hannah is very pleased with it and probably more shocked than I am that I managed to make it – It was a good learning curve for me – Luckily it took me till I was doing the hood to realise how the pattern worked and henceforth what I should have done on the actual blanket itself.

It’s fine – We all live and learn- Not everyone is perfect let alone the first thing they do be perfect. I will, however, reduce the size of my needles or tighten my tension. In fairness, it’s slightly confusing as the pattern always says cast on loosely and then carries on with the pattern so I wasn’t sure if I should have been knitting loosely or not.

This blanket for Hannah’s little one due in March will be one he can definitely ‘grow into’ haha!

The pattern doesn’t call for this, but with the ears, I decided to make them ‘plump’ with some stuffing I had lying around – I honestly tried to salvage the blanket and try and make it as cute as possible even if it didn’t orientate right and was slightly oversized.

Here’s to the next one I try, hopefully not so much frogging involved!


External Links ; Yarn (Shade B3) / Ravelry




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