Hey guys, so I needed a new project again, In the meantime, I do have another trusty snood I’ll be knitting – I’ve done 3 types of knitting on it – Happy accident but at least my knowledge is there for them.

I started with Double Moss, then went into a band of stocking and now finishing it off with seed I think? – Anyway, It’s currently in a red colour I bought yarns ago ( see what I did there? ) I will probably hand dye this one Black as I need a trusty black snood for dog walking etc – My 50 shades of grey one stretches way too easily and is too holey for windy walks!

I do currently have on order my largest yarn – I will probably have to hand knit this one – but I wanted to try it anyway. – It’s another gem I found on Amazon ( again another pun but this time not intended. ) this time it’s an anti-pilling yarn which will probably come as a hank so that’ll be fun to ball up. It also doesn’t seem to have a brand nor shade/make name. Unfortunately, I can’t give credit but I’ve provided the link below along with the other yarns I’ll be mentioning.

So, this inspired me for my next two projects – Another snood, because you can’t have enough. This one will be another sunshine yellow with Minnow Merino yarn in Goldie ( on sale at £5.60 per skein from Love Knitting ) – I’m not sure about the colour yet but I’ll decide when it turns up, this one will also be a hank – NOTE : This yarn gets shipped from the US so if you’re in the ( UK like me ) it can take up to 10 days for your order to arrive.

Get 15% off of your order from Love Knitting courtesy of me Here!

I’ve always wanted to make a blanket, so I’ll also be ordering some Drops Polaris in Off White ( Also on sale at £2.60 per skein from Wool Warehouse ) as an alternative to WATG’s Crazy Sexy Wool. – I’m going to try my hand at the Herringbone Stitch to make a big cosy blanket for our new house. Then my end goal is to have an Ohhio blanket. – Big goals for a little lady!

I’ve also ordered some new 25mm champagne needles because glitter and some interchangeable needles to try and clear the gunk of my needles collection and make it more organised for the new home.


External Links ; Amazon Yarn / Minnow Merino / Drops Polaris

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