Okey Smokey.

So yesterday was a wool delivery day! and today was needle delivery! I love it when everything happens at once – I’ll regret saying that when it’s time for us to move house and everything happens so fast.

I’d finished the cowl I was knitting in my previous post – Again I really don’t think I like the colour, so I’m going to see if I can dye it black. Real women have a monochrome wardrobe – At least that’s what I tell myself.


My gorgeous 20mm needles came in the post and they’re just as glittery as I’d like them to be – So cute and lovely to work with – They use the Amazon yarn amazingly and it’s not too hard to knit with. The tension I’m able to keep quite tight which gives a real nice stockinette/garter look.

I must admit my first thought was to knit a massive cushy snood out of it – I tried this twice – Frogging ensued – It really didn’t work, this yarn is not great for apparel. At all. So after two occurrences of frogging I’ve decided I’m going to start a blanket with this yarn first, see how I get on ( I’ll have to knit two separate parts and then sew them together at the end )

It’s fine, I keep telling myself ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day Gem’ – But, of course trying to make a snood twice left me with one ball being cut into 3 separate pieces, so I decided to needle felt them together – Now if you don’t know what needle felting is – It’s when you have a needle that has sharp barbs on it that catch the loose wool and drag it through the other loose fibres and then joins them together. I’ve hyperlinked it just in case my description baffles you. – I first learnt about needle felting from my sister who made me Adventure Time’s Finn & Jake from this technique.


So now I’m casting on 30 stitches and starting again with a new plan, I think I’ll buy 2 skeins a month till I have my blanket – My knitting always seems to be the complete opposite of my life – Unorganised and scatty.

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