I have emerged victorious! No Hank can beat me – That image is totally more calming then how I felt just now!

Apologies again for the lack of posts – House things and life basically, I can’t explain anything more than that!

So it was another wool delivery yesterday  – I’ve ordered some Jil Eaton – Minnow Merino in shade Goldie (4750). This stuff is so so cute as it’s a dumbed down and smaller version of the merino chunky wools I’m used to.


Problem is, it obviously came in hank form – Usually, I don’t struggle with unwinding hanks but this one seemed to have troubled me. Now – I used my usual technique which is… fluff it (in depth I lay out the hank in a circle and wind around it slowly) and I think as this was so much smaller then I’m used to I ended up in a bit of a pickle. A big pickle.

If anyone has any recommendations of unravelling hanks to balls (preferably smaller hanks like this one) please let me know – I’ve been looking into a winder but it’s so expensive I can’t think about it currently.  Either way, this wool is adorable and I love the colour of it – It’s subtle yet striking.

I’ve decided instead of my chunky ass blanket I started to knit… In truth, it was proving to be quite difficult with the sheer size of it.  Probably a yarn best for hand knitting but I’m not a fan of that, I get worried when I need to make a trip to the loo! –  I’ll be making a normal worsted/slightly chunky blanket with decoration tassels made from the chunky ass merino wool and a (hopefully) blanket stitch trim from this yellow – I will stick to this, this time. I promised myself.

I’ve now placed an order for some Cygnet Mythically Chunky in the shade Wolverine. I’ll be sure to let you know what it’s like – I’ve used Cygnet before, it’s really easy to work with and I love the look and feel of it. It’s one of those yarns that is really soft but looks like it’ll scratch you, so it’s a pleasant surprise!

I can totally see this blanket becoming my home favourite – Just as well as the colours go with our theme for our new house!


External Links : Jil Eaton Minnow Merino / Cygnet Mythically Chunky /

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