Halfway to Ten.

Delivery day was a little while ago and I was overwhelmed but ready to get stuck in!

This yarn is amazing – Cygnet, Mythically Chunky – I love it, so easy to work with, gorgeous colour AND it knits like a dream! I ordered 10 balls in the shade ‘Werewolf’, and I’m halfway through them, I feel like I want this blanket to be massive – So I’ll probably order another 10.

I’ll see how I go with this lot first – As we’re coming closer to moving I don’t want yarn going missing in the post! I would have hoped I could get it finished by the time we’d move but I doubt that’ll happen now (unfortunately)

It seems like this shade is hard to come by on its own at a low price, I managed to find it for £2.80 per skein. If you manage to find it lower please don’t hesitate to pop a link in the comments box! I will be grateful and anyone else who bothers to read my blogs would probably be happy to know!

I also managed to produce a blanket stitch on the starting edge – I used my Minnow Merino wool and doubled it up, it looks amazing! and makes me even more motivated to knit my blanket.


I’m a weirdo and if things don’t look nice or simplistic and attractive to me I lose interest in them and leave the project to die. I know, sue me.

Also, token Dolly the pug as I managed to get a date with her and her owner Cassie over the weekend and she’s too adorable to not count in my post.


I’ll check back with you guys once the mighty 10 have fallen, and we’ll see where were at…

External Links ; Cygnet Mythically ChunkyMinnow Merino / Dolly the Pug

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