Moving on up.

It’s been a while! So we’ve moved house – Living in sunny [ for the while ] Keinton Mandeville now! – I can’t wait to take wonderful photos around here with my knitting. It’s going to be great!

I’ve already found a gorgeous spot in a communal area near our new home – Which just so happens to be used in these photos in this blog post!

So, as I’ve run out of wool I’ve not been able to work on my blanket which is making me go a bit stir crazy – Obviously moving house has taken up most of my time but now I have spare hours or so I’d like to be knitting. I’ve got another 10 balls ordered to arrive so I can carry on and hopefully finish this blanket. Though I think it might take 25 balls…

So this is my new knitting room – It’s got a handy cupboard inside in also which I think is meant to be an airing cupboard or something to that effect – Either way, it’s perfect for storing my boxes of wool etc for the mean time and also my creations [ Jumpers, hats & Scarves. ]

So in the meantime, I got a rainbow selection of embroidery threads to make some tassels for my new knitting room – Being a sucker for a bargain I got it for around £5.99 from eBay and they aren’t that bad of quality. But then you can’t really go wrong with embroidery threads.

So I’ve made two tassel garlands with rainbow colours of purples and blues – These will be hung up either in the window or on the wall in my room – Pretty easy to make, quite time-consuming but not too bad and therapeutic toward the end!

I wrapped the embroidery thread around a coaster and attached a thread of the same colour at the top to hang it from, then attached another piece to secure a top to the tassel. And that is literally it! So simple even a child could do it!

Once we’re connected, I’ll be able to update you guys more on what I’m up to – Otherwise, it’s occasional blogging on work lunches and whenever I’m at my parents.

I can’t wait to show you guys plans for my knitting room – I just have to wait till we’re due to do an Ikea trip!



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