Apologies for the lack of posting – Literally as soon as we moved into our house We’ve been trying to get everything ready for when the kitchen arrives.

We’ve had all the deliveries now, I’m currently re-kindling my love for ‘Spaced’ up to my elbows in our kitchen before it’s fitted. I thought I’d update you all though in regards to my blanket I’ve been knitting on and off.

Currently, 17 balls in and I feel that 20 Might just be enough as whilst I’m knitting the blanket, I can wear it and it keeps me warm. At least it does until I need to turn it over each time I knit a row.

I’m hoping I can finish it sometime this coming week, as the building work will commence come Wednesday and then the kitchen will be fitted soon after along with my birthday in the mix – So the less disruption from my blanket the better. And it means then I’ll finally have this project over and I can start something new.

Not that I’m getting tired of it, it’s just been so on and off recently that I’d like to work on something fresh really.

Also another update from my knitting room – I finally got the foot hammock I’d ordered a while ago – Along with my wood stump pillow for my chair as it;s a little straight and stiff, which Nym is lovingly displaying in my header photo.

Anyway hopefully, I can come back to my blog more regularly once the building work is over – I really can’t wait for the kitchen to be installed and to finally cook normal meals! Though this has definitely tested my food making capabilities.

I’ve linked to where I found the items below – I also purchased a new light ‘shade’ if you can call it a shade, but It was geometric and I quite liked it. As I’d hardly have the light on due to the lamp I have I didn’t feel a necessity for a shade for a purpose.



External Links ; Tree Stump / Light ‘Shade’ / Foot Hammock

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