Hey, guys, so I know it’s been a long while – I can only apologise. But as I apologised in my last post in May, I think we’re beyond apologies now…

We’ve finally had the kitchen fitted and constructed so I can finally spend more time knitting!~

I’ve already lined up a few projects and taught my close friend to knit, so I feel I’m achieving a lot right now. – In view of this, I felt I needed to keep you guys up to date and still try and keep this blog going!

I currently have a baby blanket lined up, due to my S/O’s close friend having a little arrival, so I’m half way through this – Using the same pattern from my previous post here.

I’ve made a new mini blanket for my cat Nym who has featured here a few times – I’ll be doing a post about this later on. And I have a new blanket lined up as a project from WATG – I’ll be sure to mention this too.

I’m also trying to delve into the art of Macramé with a pattern my colleague sent me – I’m dipping in and out of it until I can get used to trying knots and not leaving stitches!

So a lot is going on now, but hopefully, it’s enough to keep filling me with creative flow and stop wasting my time doing things that don’t interest me or make me feel accomplished.

Let’s get to this behemoth blanket – It took me 20/25 balls in total – I used Cygnet, Mythically Chunky in a basic stockinette. Then I added a blanket stitch around the edges with Minnow Merino as a colour pop and also because it looks great!

I’m happy with how it turned out, however, it is considerably heavy for the small knit it is, I tried to keep my tension quite tight to keep it less holey and dense. I’ll probably be using this as a blanket for watching TV when I’m really ill or putting on the bed in winter times.




External Links ; Cygnet Mythically Chunky / Minnow Merino /

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