Iddy Bitty Kitty Knitty.

I had a massive ball of wool a while ago that I put away in the cupboard and forgot about until recently when itching to get back on a knitting project.

I had attempted a few times before to try and knit with this fuzz ball of wool, and although it’s very soft and workable; Knitted with my (currently) largest needles of 25mm it was just too much and would become very dense and tight unwillingly.

I decided last night to use it finally towards a little cat nap station for Nym.

I, first of all, attempted to knit with my arms, as I’ve done this before when first initially learning to knit. This was alright, but I felt the wool wasn’t easy to work with in this state as the fibres would easily come loose and catch on my nails and hands. I have very dry hands most days, so this ended up being a recipe for disaster.

In an attempt to not get flustered and frustrated with my methods failing- I then decided to hand knit the blanket. Now I’ve never used this method before, but I’ve seen it’s best for this type of wool and if anything it’s given me a new direction and understanding to the knitting too.

So basically you make a slip knot, (make sure it’s loose as too tight and you’ll get into a pickle!) then pass the yarn through the hole to make another loop and pull that to the same length as your slip knot. I decided for this blanket/bed to make it 9 stitches wide and however much the yarn would let me long.

Once you have your stitches / cast on, it’s literally the simplest thing of working from left to right (or from your initial cast right to left) and pulling through loops to work with working on top of your last stitch.




External Links ; Yarn / Hand Knitting Tutorial

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