Come in From the Cold.


So I said there was something exciting in the pipelines – This is that something!

I’m excited to make this blanket to no end, I feel like a kid again! Delivery day came and went but I’m still excited!

I decided to treat myself to a new side project whilst waiting for my wool to arrive to finish off the baby blanket. – I am fully aware I’ve committed a sin by starting a project when my WIP isn’t finished.

I can live with it!

This is the pattern for the ‘Come in From the Cold’  Blanket from the fabulous Wool and the Gang. – I decided to also throw in the rosewood needles, as fabulous as my glitter needles are, unfortunately, the length of them (for knitting in the round or not straight) wasn’t enough for this project.  Plus in fairness, it doesn’t really make a difference to the price IMO.

I’m already spending way over my budget for 7/8 balls of Crazy Sexy, I may as well throw in a good gesture for some quality needles!

Reading the pattern, I think I will be starting this one asap – I’m going to go make a tension swatch.


15% off your first WOOL AND THE GANG order  – Also! Free Shipping with code SHIPITGOOD ends midnight tonight (26th July 2017)



External Links ; PatternCrazy Sexy Wool/ Crazy Sexy Bundle

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