I feel marginally sad when I haven’t done some knitting, as I feel I haven’t accomplished anything in the week. However, I need to look on the bright side and realise that I also enjoy exercising and socialising and having some me time away from my needles. Nevertheless, I do feel at home with a skein and needles and love to complete a project.

I had a wonderful weekend with my sister, going to Therme Bath Spa and having some quality time with family & friends – Bank holiday weekends are for cramming stuff in by society’s standards, but luckily I managed to finish my blanket before it had even started!

Delivery day for my Wool and the Gang extras came on, unfortunatley their warehouse had moved so my delivery date was delayed quite substantially. Luckily they gave me some goodwill so I’ll use that on my next project!

But, I do need to finish the baby blanket first, before poor little Finley gets bigger! Just a shame that this hot weather has hit us little and often as it’s hard to knit with metal needles and small fleece yarn. It doesn’t put you in a good place…

But for now, I have completed my 12th project of 2017 – A ‘ Come in From the Cold ‘ blanket from Wool and the Gang. 13 balls in total knitted on 25mm circular rosewood needles.

I gained knowledge of the ‘ loop stitch ‘ and will definitely take it into consideration for future projects – It’s a fun little stitch that gives a great look, especially to give knitting that extra dimension, and not just looking like an accident. – I feel it’ll come in handy with decorative pillows, to give them a more comfy look… Or even bath mats and rugs!

I do need to attach pom poms, but this can be done at a later date – I am enjoying the blanket without currently.


External Links ; PatternCrazy Sexy Wool/ Crazy Sexy Bundle


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