Another day; Another Knit.

So, as you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram I’ve had some busy times with work – Travelling to Paris was the main highlight.

Setting some time to myself as well as my featured image shows, travelling up Glastonbury Tor and little trips have been keeping me sane. – One day I’ll take my knitting with a picnic up the Tor and I’ll just sit there for a couple of hours on a sunny day.

But for now I’ve got English weather on my hands, and it’s cold, so it’s the perfect time to be knitting a warm baby blanket. – Apart from the fact that last night, thinking I could finish it and sew the pieces together; I ended up running out of yarn with two rows outstanding.

So I’m waiting for a new skein, but unfortunately for some reason, it won’t be coming until October – So side projects are in place to keep me ticking over…

I’ve decided to make myself another snood, as much as I love my Mustard Yellow Merino snood I made back at the beginning of this year. I’ve decided to make another one, as my wardrobe doesn’t stretch too far from the monochrome world that I live in. Yellow is very vibrant and bright, but some days I don’t feel the need and would rather blend into the world’s background.

I’ve bought myself the same type of wool used – But in the shade Pearl Ten.


I’ve also printed off a WATG pattern to make my second jumper of this year – Hopefully before the year is out, and also in time for winter. (Optimism is great!) – Exciting things are happening and I’m trying to broaden my skills with knitting too, one skein at a time.

If you can’t tell already, I love getting projects done.  However, I’m very sporadic. Sometimes I’ll take forever, and others I’ll knock out – I guess it’s just the way I work at the moment until I fully find my feet…


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