In the loop.

After frogging a few lines twice – I managed to persevere and finish the first piece of my jumper. I’m just happy that I’m knitting a second jumper – But not only that, hopefully, a jumper that I can wear and not have it be humungous on me!

I was hoping to have knit this by December, and I’m still riding on that deadline on myself. – Though I have been hard on myself recently on knitting and getting projects done – I need to realise that sometimes I just need to take time, not rush and just accept and enjoy it.

I can be quite an impatient person, and when I make mistakes it really gets to me. Though with knitting, I’m coming to terms with the fact that I need to take a break every now and then. Put the needles down, and then pick them up when I’m ready to resume and in the right frame of mind.

Hope I’m not the only one that feels this way…


So last night I finished the first piece of my jumper – The chest piece, I’m excited as I really feel this will be a comfortable jumper.  I’m currently knitting on Pony 8mm Bamboo needles – The yarn I’m using is Wool me Tender in the shade ‘Rocky Grey’ from Wool and the Gang.

Side Note: I had to get my wool from John Lewis as WATG had run out of stock.

I’m following the Double Trouble jumper pattern in a size 1 ( 6-8 ). Though my tension is a little tight, I feel this jumper is going to have just the right amount of stretch.

Currently, it’s just a shaped chest piece with a 1×1 rib forming a hem around the bottom. I’ve not done a collar so it seems at the moment, but I feel the pattern will call touch on that later on.  Possibly to do the whole collar as one, instead of being part of the halves so it’s seamless.

Now to knit the back piece which is in two halves!



External Links ; PatternWool Me Tender

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