Autumnal knits.

So, it’s been a  long while…

In the meantime, I’ve received new wool for my baby blanket to finish for Finley’s christening. Had a lot of things going on in my world outside of work which has been stressful, yet exciting, kept my running up AND managed to knit a bobble hat in the car on the way to the forest.

So, that’s what my post is about today – My beautiful pure white soft bobble hat. I attempted to knit a bobble hat the night before, I was decreasing toward the top of the hat to give a natural slouch look but if I’m honest, it made the hat larger and I only have a little pea head.

I decided to make the pom-pom huge as well, cause who doesn’t like a good pom-pom?  I wanted to leave it slightly messy too, so this one didn’t have any trimming to make it perfectly round.

So… Sunday we planned to go to Stockhill Woods or as I like to call it, Priddy Forest. It’s a beautiful woodland site that you can easily get lost in if you go off the beaten track. I love getting lost in my thoughts there.  Unfortunately, as it’s been raining recently it was a bit too boggy, so we stuck to the path and kept it to a 2/3k walk and then headed to Square Edge for breakfast.

-Side Note: I’m pointing out the smallest forest mushroom I’ve ever seen. so much so it wasn’t caught on camera.

I managed to start my hat in the morning in bed and finished it off in the car – It felt like a perfect Sunday. I’d learnt from my mistake from previous so I decided to try a more basic method that will allow the hat to be more of a snug fit.

My workplace is having a Christmas Market type thing going on, where you can purchase a stand/stool and sell your handmade items. I was thinking of maybe bulk purchasing a butt load of wool and making a tonne of these hats to sell off. – I’ve been doing some calculations on how much to sell them for, and as they’re made from a luxury Peruvian wool.

Problem is I don’t think I’ll be able to make the Christmas Market deadline as I’ve got other conflictions that are sapping my personal time. – Therefore I’m thinking of opening up an Etsy shop – I might be able to get some snoods on there too as I’ve had quite a few compliments on these too.

Have you ever started to sell your handmade goods on Etsy? Could you give me any pointers?


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