H N Y.

It’s a new year and my first anniversary with my blog!

Happy Anniversary Unravel!

Apologies it’s been lacking, a LOT has been happening over the past couple of months. We’ve finally got 4 rooms finalised and finished in the house, we had a cosy log burner over the festive period.

So, in that time I managed to finish the baby blanket, order a mahoosive order from WATG for Black Friday. Finish my Double Trouble jumper with 1 hour to spare of 2017.

My new year’s resolution is to possibly learn more patterns, techniques, record stitches,  and finally make my knitting room more of a knitting haven. Yarn storage, better storage of my needles – A sense of order in the room, instead of organised chaos.

Whilst I’ll be working on that this year, I’ve a few projects lined up to see me through. Luckily I was given a Wool voucher as a Christmas present from my father, now I’ve completed a jumper that actually fits me. I wanted to delve into cardigan territory.

I’ve not managed to take any ‘nice’ photos of my jumper currently, as the weather has been very up and down here. One minute it’s sunny, then windy, then rain, then hail, then rain, then rain, then rain… You get the idea…

For now, see my progress from knitting to piecing together my wonderful Double Trouble jumper – I’m fully aware that I need to block it also.


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