Double Trouble.

So as I had previously mentioned, I managed to finish my Double Trouble jumper just before new years celebrations – I wanted to get some lovely photos of it…

Now, the weather here has been really up and down – When there is sunshine, there’s rain very close behind.

I’ve still not had the chance to block my jumper, due to being extremely busy – However, I thought it’d be best to show the jumper in its current light as it’s been hidden from you all since completion.

It’s extremely lightweight and more importantly, I’ve managed to keep consistent tension throughout which I’m pretty pleased with. The 1×1 ribbed sleeves are perfectly adjustable for anyone wearing it…

I felt this pattern was a good stepping stone from the WonderWool Sweater, although the obvious of it being 10x smaller, in my size and normal sized needles, I didn’t seem to come across as many issues making it as I thought I would.

I’d say my biggest gripe of assembly would be the way in order to sew the back. Attaching the panels to then pick up stitches and construct the neck was probably the most difficult. My ‘invisible sewing’ technique is on point on the left shoulder, however, the right is to be admired slightly.

I made this jumper in a size 1 – This is basic fitting for a size 6-8. However, I the overall fit of the jumper is pretty ‘roomy’ due to its unstructured back. This may come apparent or completely change once blocked, but for now, it’s a decent enough fit.

Also, I inverted the pattern to reveal the stocking stitch, as I disliked the look of the garter on this pattern.

Maybe on a chunkier jumper…






External Links ; Pattern/ Wool Me Tender/ Ravelry

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