Finally, my rampage of blogging today comes to an end with a gorgeous haul from Fruitbat Textiles.

Now, if you don’t know already, Fruitbat Textiles is manned by the gorgeously talented Charlotte Martin (Char Mar) – She’s an award-winning weaver, dyer and yarn stasher.

Creating hand woven, hand dyed and handmade accessories, she takes a lot of her inspiration from nature’s true colours. – Occasionally holding scarf painting workshops she’s also available to contact for commisioned work in the form of accessories, bridal wear and even hand-dyed hanks.

Charlotte’s skills were highly recognised at the new designer’s exhibition in 2015 where The Society for Designer Craftsmen recruited Fruitbat textiles as a licentiate. The business then showed at the societies exhibition ‘Designer crafts on the mall’ 2015 where Charlotte was then honoured with the Pollie Weiss colour prize.

I’ve personally known Char over the past 8 years or so, to see her get this far with a passion of hers is truly inspiring and I couldn’t be any more proud. Her workshop is situated just off of the A303, towards Ilminster in a little Rose Mill Courtyard. She’s got a gorgeous cafe just above her, and you can always tell if she’s around as her motorbike will be in sight and the lights and music will shine.

One thing Char has delved into recently is yarn subscriptions – In this, you’ll receive a range of 4ply or more skeins that have been hand dyed and spun in her workshop to a range of different seasons. The quarterly boxes will be produced seasonally, and each season will inspire that quarter’s colourways.

Spring: March-May

Summer: June – August

Autumn: September – November

Winter: December – February

If you’re a fan of having bespoke and one of a kind fibres in your stash, you need to sign yourself up! She’s more than approachable and can accommodate to pretty much anything you’re after!

As you can see they’re beautifully presented and come in a range of gorgeous colours – Pictured below is the Winter Collection…

I can’t wait to find some patterns to make use of these gorgeous hanks!


S I D E N O T E : I must have lost the tag for the blue hank, this one is a mohair blend.

More information about the subscription boxes on offer can be read here.

External Links : Fruitbat Textiles / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest

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