Marysburgh Slippers.

After purchasing 5/6 of Wool Me Tender’s for my Double Trouble pattern, I had a skein or two left over.

Searching around for new patterns to try out and something to help use up what was now in my stash, I found a pattern by a Raveler for some slippers. This pattern uses DPN’s which I’ve never delved into before.

So me being me, I decided to accept the challenge and cast on!

I purchased my DPN’s from eBay, I wasn’t sure where exactly to look for DPN’s but eBay seemed the right choice. I’m glad I did as these are brilliant! – They’re long enough (at 20cm) and yarn just glides through them.

I’ve been occasionally knitting in the evenings, and when meeting up for a coffee or two with friends and family. I’ve been keeping my Ravelry up to date with the progress of this pattern. I can safely say, once I got my head around how to use DPN’s I’m finding it quite easy.

However, I feel for the next slipper I will be adding more lifelines and stitch markers. One went missing last night and seemed to catch me in a sticky situation. I’m also thinking to attach some leather to the soles to make them a little more hard wearing.

Another wine and knitting night will help me forget about that palava.

External Links : Pattern / Ravelry / Needles

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