One cold foot.

Since my last post, I managed to finish the first of a pair of slippers!

I’m actually pretty chuffed with how it turned out.  The pattern is very easy to follow and with a few slow stitches that I’m not used to, I managed to cast off and then go one step further adding a blanket stitch to the finished edge.

I used Jil Eaton’s Merino wool that I had in my stash from my behemoth blanket back in July last year.

Some parts did look a little patchy, but I managed to mask that once I had to sew the ends. Luckily as you work from the opening to the toe combinaing on the DPN’s, you don’t end up with too many ends to weave in.  This I’m a massive fan of…

When it comes to casting off, you will be changing to a 5.5mm needle as opposed to the 4.5mm DPN’s. This is to give the slipper a wider opening and make the foot entry easier – I followed this, but, I’m thinking (as my feet are ridiculously slim ) I probably shouldn’t have. However, as one has been constructed this way, I’ll follow suit.

After completing quite a few projects recently, suddenly my phone camera doesn’t feel like it’s doing any of my knitwear justice. I think I might be researching into a new camera this year to help me out. It’ll also save me having to transfer photos via email – Thank god for the WordPress app on my phone for those times in need.

Anyway, enough of me rambling, here’s the current progress of my Marysburgh Slippers.


Still on the DPN’s looking more and more like a slipper…


3 rows of edging and cast off…



External Links ; Minnow Merino / Ravelry



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