New Beginnings.

So…  I’ve been working up a storm whilst it’s still quite chilly in little old January, now February. –  I’ve been knitting a metric butt tonne of hats!

I’ve decided that my knitting talents need to go to more use every now and then. I’ve developed a pattern used on 12mm DPN’s that I’m comfortable with and finished with a pompom, either in wool or faux fur.

Been working on a logo, and a name which has been in the mix for some time now.  You can now find me on either Facebook or Instagram under the brand name

‘ B R U E W O O L .’


The past week I’ve been knitting hats and working on graphics in preparation for opening my own Etsy shop! – What you could call a stepping stone, to see if this is really the right direction to be moving in.

Feel free to follow both mediums. However, I truly detest facebook, so I feel Instagram will be the most favoured platform.

I’ll be creating both hats and snoods currently – I will be taking commissions in time.  For the while, I’ll go for the colour palette I’ve chosen, experiment and develop patterns & see how far I get. – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this is currently more of a side hobby than a fulltime business, but who knows what the future holds!

For now – watch this space for an Etsy announcement as soon as I’ve stocked – Instagram for sneaky peaks, wool teasings & Facebook for the occasional post.

Everyone and anyone can do it, it’s whether your products stand out from the crowd.

I’m hoping this goes in the right direction, but if not… I can pack up my needles, say I tried, and carry on knitting for myself, family & friends.

G x


External Links;  Instagram / Facebook / Ravelry 

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