Got Sole.

In view of it being ‘Finish it February,’ I decided a little while back to finally get these Marysburgh slippers off of my hands and needles.

Back in January, I managed to finish one foot, and not even a week later in any spare time I finally cast off off the second. Edging sewn in on the seed stitch rows around the ankle I started to wear them around the house.

As my house is mainly floorboards, I found myself slipping in them, as there was no grip nor traction to keep my feet stable. – I did enjoy the look of them as they were, but I felt I would shoot myself in the foot (  no pun intended  ) by not correcting this.

I was thinking of attaching the soles of my previous shoes the Clarks Tyler Weave to them, and after cutting up my badly worn shoes, I soon discovered that even though these slippers are obviously unlasted and do not have any shape, the Crepe on the soles of the Tyler’s would possibly stretch the knit and therefore put strain on the whole pattern.

Instead, I removed the footbed from the shoes and traced the last shape in SolidWorks – This then gave me a perfect size 5 last bottom pattern to develop my sole with.

From this, I then measured the allowance of the moccasin from the Tyler sole and amended my last bottom pattern with offsets of these increments. Spaced out my stitch holes and determined the size of said stitch holes. – Creating a bottom pattern I then cut this out of a nice dark grey suede, punched each individual stitch hole & notched the toe and heel to stitch together allowing the flattened pattern to then curve around the shape of the foot as to not distort the knitted upper.

I took the original yarn that I made the slippers out of and then proceeded to blanket stitch the soles to my slippers. – They may need blocking, but I don’t want to wet the suede, so with constant wear, they’ll mould to my feet. As the original pattern for the slippers was generalised, they would have needed to mould to my foot shape regardless.

I’m pretty chuffed with how they turned out, and more so how grippy they are now – The suede will soon burnish and tarnish underfoot & turn into a smooth leather over time.



G x


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