Problem Solving.

Happy Pancake day lovelies! – Gorge on fresh fruit, lemon juice, sugar & all things great with your pancakes! – I personally feel pancakes should be enjoyed all year round, but I can never resist them on the day of Shrove.

So, in view of stocking up for things to come – I’m using my DPN’s constantly.

Now I could never lose them, as they’re 12mm bamboo, but they sure do get in the way and make an uproar when transporting my knitting. – I found this out the hard way when taking my knitting to work to best make use of my lunchtimes.  All I could hear in the rucksack were my needles rattling against anything & everything in my bag.

I started doing some research into needle cases. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for some time, which is also why I’ve decided to get my Singer up and running again. I keep losing certain needles and buying duplicates because they’re not stashed properly.

Long story short, I bought a massive metal gridded headboard on urban outfitters that was £90 down to £24, then used their code ‘saleonsale’ to get it even cheaper… But alas it got lost in the post and I was henceforth refunded.  My initial intention was to buy a butt load of bulldog clips and start organising my needles in their sizes in felt and leather pouches on said grid.  –  So if anyone knows where I can get a metal grid which is moderately large & rectangular, please don’t hesitate to point me in the right direction. I’ve seen one on Amazon, but I’d need to buy at least 3 and join them to get the size of the headboard.

So, to start the ball rolling, I found a case from Purl Soho – Now, nothing against purl Soho, I’m subscribed to them and absolutely love the brand and their yarns / patterns. But I found this leather pouch and fell in love with the simplistic design.

Now, as gorgeous as it is, I could not justify spending [  if my conversion is correct  ] around £40 odd on a leather pouch, especially as I may need more than one.

Aside from knitting and attempting to set up my own Etsy shop, I work fulltime for a well-known shoe company.  In this, I’m able to source leather  – Luckily they were chucking out some leathers in the materials department, any leftover leathers were going to schools & universities. I decided to keep some for my personal projects as they were no longer associated with work.

The case Purl Soho offer has what seems to be a snap clasp, I changed this to a sam brown stud as it seemed to make the design a bit classier and also easier to open and close with one hand (  sometimes I’ll have the other one attending to yarn  ) I didn’t want to have a snap clasp, as if I pressed down on my needles I could dent them with the interior of the clasp.  This could cause problems when knitting in future as my wool could snag on the dents made over time.

In addition, I have obviously been mulling over a logo for my Etsy.  I managed to knock up a logo that I might use for my personal projects. – I decided to try it out and use it on this case I was making, so I measured my needles, stitch allowance then made the flattened pattern –  Cut it out and sewed it together…

& viola here’s how it turned out!

I also treated myself to a nice new knitting bag, featured below…   )




G x



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